Top 3 Splurges You Need To Make In Your Business This Year

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s just starting out, chances are you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all of the costs that go into starting a business and promoting your personal brand. It can be really challenging to distinguish a smart investment that’ll lead to more money down the road from an investment that’s just a waste of your already limited funds. But certain investments can make all the difference

We’ve narrowed it down to just three core investments every entrepreneur can (and should!) splurge on in their personal brand.

1. Education / Mentorship
Educating yourself and surrounding yourself with others on your path will surely be the key to your success. Learning from pros that have done the work and are willing to share with you is actually priceless, but having access to these pros- you can’t truly put a price tag on it. If you have the opportunity to seek mentorship from someone in your field that you admire and can learn from, splurge on it! Just one day, one conversation, one coffee date could end up changing your life! 

2. Brand Strategist
Your brand strategist will help you discover and develop your brand voice and brand identity. They will help you identify your why and help you get clarity, as well as develop the look and feel of your brand with  logo creation and design that ties across all of your platforms and future marketing plans. If you are going to spend money, spend it on a strategist that has a proven track record with plenty of testimonies and client examples that resonate with you. 

3. Personal Brand Photos
Your personal brand photos are what bring your brand to life. They make your entire personal brand more human and relatable. They allow your potential clients to “meet” the absolute best version of yourself. Investing in an experienced branding photographer and videographer is vital to your brand messaging. A Branding photographer’s job is to make your entire personal brand more human and relatable. A great personal brand photographer will help you come across as likable, trustworthy, and professional after just a glance.

Are you ready to bet on yourself and make the right investments towards your dreams? Let’s talk about how I can help you step out of your comfort zone and into your power! Book a Discovery Call with me so we can chat!

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